Top Scholar Quarter 2

Student Feature

When describing a top scholar at STM, one might say that such a scholar is rooted in faith, strives to grow each and everyday, and meets or rather exceeds the expectations of his or her educators on a daily basis. Such a scholar would be none other than Ms. Amoni Cash. Amoni is currently a eighth grade scholar at STM who has been with our school community since kindergarten. Amoni has a love for learning and believes that she is destined for greatness. When speaking with Amoni you are immediately drown to her ability to discern; she knows what she’s good at, things that she struggles with, and looks to improve herself each and everyday. Amoni is one of few scholars currently taking higher level math and is a superb scholar in all her subjects. She has a huge social justice advocacy gene which can be seen in her writing in her systems thinking class and language arts. Amoni aspires to be a world renowned chef with restaurants spanning the global. Currently, she plans to continue her catholic education of one of her three high school choices: Don Bosco Cristo Rey, Holy Cross, or Elizabeth Seton. We are ecstatic to have Amoni as our top scholar of Quarter 2.


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