100% of our students are reading on grade-level by the end of first grade.

186 students for the 2020/2021 school year

100% of our students are accepted to top Catholic high schools.

By the Numbers

16:1 student to faculty ratio in primary school

21:1 student to faculty ratio in middle school

We are currently accepting enrollment applications for the 2024-2025 school year.

Scholar Achievements

Here at St. Thomas More Catholic Academy, we draw upon the Project Zero framework from Harvard, a program that emphasizes creative thinking, problem solving and hands-on learning.

For the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. Catholic Schools


To sharpen the focus of our programs, we partner with the following universities:

Washington International School DC-PZ

Educators engage in year-long cohorts that promote the best teaching practices. Using Project Zero ideas, educators and scholars engage in deep thinking routines and learning, promoting rich opportunities for scholars to build agency. 

Georgetown University Medical School

The second-year students from Georgetown University Medical School conduct a
mini-medical school for students in grade eight to deepen their understanding of anatomy and physiology. The medical students serve as teachers and role models of our faith and of what perseverance and hard work look like.

Georgetown University Nursing School

The Georgetown nursing students provide all students with foundational studies in human growth and development. The nurses review health records and provide health and vision screenings. It is through their service that students see what it means to be a community leader.

George Washington University

George Washington University’s AAAS GET SET is a suite of activities that focus on STEM education and careers of the future that take place in formal and informal settings: during school, after school and during the summer. It includes curriculum, professional development, parent involvement and student activities, and has varying levels of choices for participation.

The program targets grades six to eight and uses curriculum developed by the University of Michigan, Investigating and Questioning Our World of Science and Technology (IQWST), the Museum of Science, Boston, Engineering the Future and Building Math, Integrating Algebra and Engineering. Students participate in STEM activities and receive instruction from university professors from around the globe.

The project concentrates its activities in three intersecting areas:

Year-long learning cohorts and research with educational researchers

Year-long learning cohorts and research with educational researchers

Year-long learning cohorts and research with educational researchers

Catholic University of America

Our science teachers, under the direction of the Director of the Institute for Astrophysics & Computational Physics, Department of Physics at The Catholic University of America work together to strengthen and develop our K-8 science instruction.

University of Notre Dame

The University prepares faith-filled instructors through the Alliance for Catholic Education Program who are tied to the mission of the Catholic Church to become instructors in our school.

Notre Dame of Maryland

Notre Dame of Maryland University's Academy of Catholic Educators (ACES) program supports academic excellence for St. Thomas More scholars through quality, research-based instructional coaching for our teachers. Coaches assist teachers with planning, instruction, assessment, and data analysis. 

More Services

Tutoring after school is available, free of cost. Teachers will provide a schedule of tutoring days. Teachers nurture students’ academic strengths by providing virtual coaching of key concepts to reinforce lessons taught throughout the course of the day.

Teachers also give guidance to help students maintain organizational skills to foster strong work and study habits.

Afterschool Tutoring

Counseling services are available to all students. Our counseling program aims to assist our youths in dealing with the many and varied stresses of life and maturation. In the event of an emergency or crisis, the Archdiocese of Washington may send a team of school counseling professionals to St. Thomas More.

One-time, initial counseling services may be rendered to students by school or archdiocesan counseling staff in the event of a crisis or emergency.


The Student-Teacher Assistant team meets weekly to discuss students’ academic, and social emotional needs. If a student needs accommodations, an Individual Catholic Education Plan or Catholic Accommodation Plan is developed to meet the student’s needs within reason, which will be determined by the principal.

If students cannot be serviced in our school, students will be tested by the LEA, and
arrangements for transfers will be made.

St. Thomas More Catholic Academy works alongside families and scholars with IEPs to develop Catholic accommodation plans that can be used to support the inclusion and learning for scholars. While we are not required to service the full gambit of the IEP, we do what we can to provide equitable education for all.


The Home School Association (HSA) provides advice and assistance to the school’s administrative team in the daily operations of the school. Its singular purpose is to foster collaboration between parents and educators and promote the growth of St. Thomas More Catholic Academy.
All parents are recommended to attend ALL HSA meetings, as we believe that parents are the number one stakeholders in our school community and will foster growth of the institution.

Homeschool Association

To develop financial partnerships with prospective donors.

To increase enrollment by developing parent focal groups

To develop a culture of a growth mindset in the school community

To enhance the school facilities through transactional and transformational fundraising.

The HSA meets four times a year; meetings are called by the members of the Advisory Board comprised of the Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Finance Chair, Facilities Chair, Marketing Chair, Fundraising Chair, Advancement Chair, Service Chair, Ad Hoc Committee, Pastor and Principal.



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